the company

VANZOTECH delivers cutting edge web technology for the mobile and 3D market. We are also strongly focused on VR and AR from the concept to the deployment of the complete solution together with the development of wearable electronics and IoT devices. ​


what lies beneath…..

In a world with a constant increase in the demanding of computing power, we spend our time in analyzing every piece of code we deliver. We check it against execution time, memory allocation, cpu load and bandwidth.

the result?

Light-speed web solutions that run on older hardware.

We are able to make up a prototype in zero hours just upon leaving the first interview with our customer.

the secret…

Our strong commitment and the ability to stay ahead resides in the processing cycle we deployed in our company. Our personnel spend 50% of the time in learning and testing emergent technologies. We invest roughly 50% of our time and revenue in R&D!